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14 Surprising Uses of Baking Soda around your Home

The many uses of Baking soda around the home.

The world is becoming more aware of the effects of human activity on our environment. Climate change and diminishing or extinct species are terminologies we have become so familiar with on different levels.
But have we thought about how we are contributing let’s say to the death of a certain living thing from the comfort of our houses?
As difficult as it may look, we really are destroying our environment (both flora and fauna) steadily.
The biggest culprits in our homes are cleaning chemicals. They not only harm organisms that live in waterbodies around us but us as well.
Chemicals that we use for cleaning around the home, that we use for cleansing our bodies and even conditioning our bodies are taking a toll on nature. So it is really important for us to look into the use of more environmental friendly products.

Let us look at baking soda to begin with for use around the house.
Baking soda has been around for many years and is very versatile but my guess is that people ditched it in favour of faster acting chemicals due to our busy lifestyles.
It can be used in different ways for cleaning and for beauty purposes.
1. Use it to sanitise fridge / freezers and remove bad odour
2. Use it for cleaning the oven. simply make a thick paste and apply liberally around the oven and racks, leave to work overnight then simply rinse. You might need to scrub a little bit depending on how bad your oven is
3. Use in place of fabric conditioner and to remove odours from clothes.
4. To clean cups and pots stained by tea and coffee.
5. To remove limescale build up in kettles.
6. For the removal of surface rust. Make a paste of baking soda with cold water then use the mixture to scrub off the rust layer.
7. Used for paint and corrosion removal.
8. Used as a cockroach killer.

Personal health

9. Due to its alkaline nature it can be used as antacid for heartburns when mixed with water.
10. Toothpastes with baking soda are more effective in plague removal and teeth whitening.
11. Baking soda can be used as a natural deodoriser, just apply a little bit around your armpits to absorb the odour.
12. As a face cleanser, mix with water into a runny paste, apply on your face in circular motion then rinse off with look warm water.
13. For cleaning hair. Add a quarter to a handful of shampoo then rinse your hair.

14. For manicure and pedicure.

Add baking soda into warm water in a basin just enough to cover your feet for a soak. Make a paste and spread around your nails and cuticles then rinse off .


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