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Category: Books

The Cleaning Bible: Kim and Aggie’s Complete Guide to Modern Household Management

We all think that we can clean, or yes we do clean but it is always good to learn some new tricks – to save time and the environment. With our busy lifestyles, these tips come in handy.Love Kim and Aggie from the TV series ‘How clean is your House’.

I Love to Keep My Room Clean: Volume 6 (Bedtime stories children’s book collection)

In my honest opinion, every house with young ones should have this book.
How many times do you tidy up after the kids in a single day?Get it as a gift for a niece or nephew, son or daughter.These lessons are invaluable.

The Secrets of Baking Soda: Over 40 Recipes and Secret Tips for Cleaning, Cooking and Health on a Budget (DIY Household Hacks and Tips) Kindle Edition

Did you know that there are many ways in which you could use baking soda for cleaning around the house?

House Cleaning with Salt and Baking Soda: 50 Ways to Sanitize Your Life with Simple Recipes Kindle Edition

This is another collection of ways to use Baking soda for cleaning purposes .Included too is the different ways you could use salt as well.
Read the book , these recipes well help you keep away harmful products that are easily and cheaply available on the market.

The Little Book of Cleaning Tips (Little Books of Tips) Paperback – 23 May 2013

With the modern busy work schedules it is worth learning a few tips on how to make cleaning chores easier, faster and unplanned.

The Super Simple 30-Day Home Cleaning Plan: Making Time to Beat the Grime Paperback – 1 Mar 2015

You will get the much wanted indispensable knowledge and clues of house cleaning for an all round fresh house.

How Clean is Your House?

Another book from Kim and Aggie.
For those little handy tips on how to keep a house clean and tidy without getting stressed about cleaning workloads.
It contains logical breakdowns of chores and how easily to keep on top of things.
Ideal for your daughter or son leaving home and generally anyone who views household cleaning as a mountain climbing job.


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