Giving Back to the Community


As our thank you for the support and continued business from the community around Bolton, Manchester and the surrounding areas where our business operates, we carry out a completely FREE deep clean on one property per month to help a person most in need of our services but for some reason may not be in a position to book our services.

The people we mainly clean for are the housebound and the elderly.  People who for health reasons or age related reasons would normally find it difficult to do the cleaning of their properties themselves or to hire someone to do it for them.  We hire ourselves and do the cleaning for as many hours as it takes us, as a way of paying the kindness forward which we ourselves have received from others on our journeys in life.

We also keep a volunteers database so if you are interested in participating in one of of our clean ups please do not hesitate to contact us.


Healthcare cleaning


PS:  As part of our professional code of ethics, we do not handle personal belongings. We only clean the fabric of the building, furniture and equipment but not tidy up the clothes and personal items.