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Easy Method to effectively deep clean your fridge freezer

How clean is your fridge/freezer?

How does your fridge look like at this particular moment?

Sparkling? Mouldy and germs ridden? Stained?

How does it smell?

Many people say they do not like to clean their fridges but I find it a very simple and satisfactory process no matter what the condition of the appliance is. The main reason for this being that all fridges have white as the internal colour so you see change and progress as soon as you start cleaning.

How often should a fridge / freezer be cleaned?

  • I like to deep clean mine once every two months. NB Deep clean.
  • Wipe and sanitise as soon as you spill any fluid or dirt from daily use.
  • When you move into a furnished house – there is no guarantee that the previous occupant cleaned and sanitised that fridge/freezer. So be safe! Clean it.

How to deep clean your fridge/freezer

If you have a completely empty appliance then this becomes a quick job, if the situation is otherwise then you need to plan in advance.

Whether your freezer forms ice around the drawers is something else to consider because you need to allow time for defrosting.

For the clean,

You will need:

  • Washing up liquid
  • Bucket/bowl
  • Warm water
  • Scouring pad
  • 2 microfiber towels
  • Paper towel
  • ¼ cup Baking soda or one lemon or ¼ cup vinegar


  • First remove all shelving from the fridge and freezer.

Add a squirt of washing up liquid in a bucket of warm water. You do not need much water for this. (I find fairy the best choice due to its high foaming quality)

Dip the scouring pad into the soapy water and clean your fridge from the roof and down the sides. Use a clean toothbrush for corners and hard to reach areas. Some stains will require a little bit of elbow grease.

Dip one of your two microfiber towels in the same water and wring completely then wipe from the roof, side and fridge floor.

Empty and rinse your bucket then get hot water – ½ litre is ideal. In this water add the baking soda and stir to dissolve it or vinegar or lemon juice.

Dip your 2nd microfiber towel and wring as before then wipe the fridge in the same pattern as before to avoid missing some areas. You could go over twice.

Finally wipe dry with paper towel.

Repeat the above procedure for the freezer.

Clean your shelves with soap under running water, wipe with baking soda water as you did the fridge then wipe dry with paper towel.

If your freezer has ice then set the fridge temperature mark 0, remove all your freezer drawers for cleaning and place a bowl of hot water on every shelf of the freezer. The ice will melt in no time. Change the water when it gets cold. Clean and sanitise as above when all the ice has melted.


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