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Did you know you could use vinegar to solve these problems?

Did you know you could use vinegar to solve these problems?

  1. Keep ants away by spraying equal parts of vinegar and water along their path.
  2.  Removing musty smells from furniture e.g. cupboards. Just wipe all the sides of the piece in question with a towel dampened with a mixture of water and vinegar.
  3. Cleaning gold jewellery. Soak in a cup of Apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes then wipe dry. This will restore the shine on your item.
  4. Eliminate odours from your water bottle/tea flask by soaking it over night with half vinegar and half water. Rinse well before use.
  5. Clean suede shoes with a mixture of water and vinegar for a renewed look.
  6. Soak rusty valuables in undiluted vinegar overnight for restoration.
  7. Use a tablespoon of vinegar in a medium sized bucket to clean plastic chairs.
  8. Dampen a cloth with equal parts of water and vinegar to clean your computer keyboard.
  9. To remove labels or decal, cover with a towel soaked in white vinegar. Leave it on until the label is loose enough to slide off.
  10. Soak your rusty or soiled coins in white vinegar overnight.
  11. Clean children toys in soapy water with vinegar.
  12. Soak baby bottles by filling them up with equal parts of hot water and white vinegar, leave to soak for an hour then clean as usual with a brush.


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