After Builders Professional Cleaning Service: Manchester and Bolton

Optimal Cleaners is a professional cleaning company, offering an After Builders Professional Cleaning Service around Manchester and Bolton. We have mastered the art of restoring a property to an immaculate sparkle following building works. We must admit the beauty of new builds can be left a little bit dull by all the dust, protective paper, cement and trash left behind by the builders. Whether you are a building company, landlord, home owner doing a whole new build or renovating; we will work with you.

We carry out an after builders cleaning service in 3 stages:

  • Preparation of premises by removing heavy dust and debris
  • Preparation of premises by removing heavy dust and debris
  • Use of water and appropriate chemicals to remove settled dust and a final finishing touch to achieve a sparkling effect

However, we tailor it to fit individual client’s needs.


This is what we do on after builders cleaning service jobs;

  • Dust,wipe and polish all surfaces.
  • Scrape off any cement mixtures spilt over floors.
  • Scrape off and dissolve protective paper mainly left on windows ,frames, cills and glass.
  • Hoover and mop all floors.
  • Clean paint marks NB numerous stretches of paint marks will incur extra charges.
  • Dispose off non bulky rubbish.
  • Remove labels and clean the inside and outside of appliances.
  • Dust and wipe all cabinets, cupboards, beds and headboards.

Living, Dining, Reception, Kitchens, Play area, Study, Hallways and Staircases Professional Cleaning Service:

  • Carefully remove any equipment packaging or labels left on drawers, door knobs, windows and window handles, mirrors, glass etc will be carefully removed as well as any rubbish / debris.
  • Remove any mastic, grouting, paint, wall filler (if there is too much paint, we will not be able to remove it as is time consuming unless you ask us to and we agree a charge for the extra time).
  • Clean off marks left on light switches, smoke alarms, vents and any other light fixtures.
  • Dust / clean all kitchen surfaces, appliances, cabinets, drawers.
  • Dust / clean all doors, windows, stair rails, banisters, hand rails, skirting, walls, blinds.
  • Remove any debris from plumbing work, clean and polish.
  • Dust fireplaces, chimneys and surrounds.
  • Hoover all carpets and dusty areas, mop and dry all stone floors and polish / shine.
  • If a building has a lift / lifts, dust and clean lift in and out.

Bathrooms and Toilets Professional Cleaning Service

  • Dispose packaging, debris and unwanted material left after construction works.
  • Dust all surfaces, remove paint marks, excess mastic, grout, filler etc from the tubs and surrounds.
  • Carefully clean all bath tubs/wash basins/shower cubicles and all ceramic and/or acrylic surrounds.
  • Clean walls, windows, doors, cupboards, bathtubs, taps, bath panels, shower floors / trays, wash hand basins, toilet pans and cisterns, toilet roll holders, towel heaters, vanity units, light switches, vents, mirrors and leave them sparkling.
  • Clean and polish all vanity tops, chrome towel heaters and interiors of all windows, window sills, bottom window tracts, casings and frames.
  • Vacuum and mop / clean floors, bath panels and chrome taps, dry and shine.
  • Clean/wipe walls/switch plates/toilet roll holder/mixers/vents/lights.
  • Clean and polish vanity units – the inside and outside of vanity unit cupboards and surfaces.
  • Disinfect toilets.
  • Polish and shine all surfaces

Bedrooms and Dressing rooms Professional Cleaning Service

  • Dispose off all debris, packaging, wrappings, labels etc. from all installed units.
  • Dust all surfaces and walls
  • Clean all light fixtures, interior of all windows, sills and frames.
  • Clean all joinery, surfaces, wardrobes, dressing tables, mirrors, doors, shelves, cabinets, drawers, windows
  • Dust and clean lamps, light switches, vents, fans and any other furniture in the room.
  • Dust and clean all skirting boards, any ironmongery, smoke alarms.
  • Vacuum carpets.
  • Polish and shine all surfaces.