Care / Nursing Home Cleaning

Care / Nursing Home Professional Cleaning Service

Do you need a periodic care home deep clean?
Have you been rated poorly on hygiene and cleanliness by CQC?

If your home is based in and around Manchester and Bolton, do not hesitate to call us for our optimal professional cleaning service. Optimal Cleaners offers you a healthcare professional cleaning service with the frailty and well-being of your residents in mind.

We undeniably understand how the immune system of our elderly and sickly / vulnerable loved ones is compromised by old age and sickness and therefore the necessity to implement safe cleaning methods and procedures.

To ensure that we offer you a safe and effective service ,we work in accordance with the National Healthcare Cleaning Standards.

Here are the services we offer:

  • A Full Care Home Professional Deep Cleaning Service
  • Individual Room Deep Cleaning Service e.g after an infection outbreak or death

This will entail cleaning and sanitising of the room, furniture and equipment including steam cleaning of mattresses.

  • Kitchen Professional deep Cleaning Service
  • Carpet and upholstery Professional Cleaning Service

Here is a general guide of what will be cleaned in your Home anytime you call us in;

  • Skirting boards, pictures and dado rails.
  • Doors and door frames
  • Radiator covers – which will be removed and radiator cleaned thoroughly
  • Window sills and frames
  • Windows inside
  • All ledges, flat surfaces and tops of wardrobes
  • Bed frames
  • Mattresses whilst checking for damages
  • Bed rails and covers
  • Bedside cabinets and over bed tables
  • Soft furnishings, chairs, foot stools, hoist slings, including curtains
  • Manual handling equipment and commodes
  • Curtain rails and curtain tracks
  • Extractor fans and vents
  • Floors and carpets
  • Light switches, fittings and lampshades
  • Re-usable equipment, commodes, hoists and shower chairs
  • Sinks and taps
  • Baths/showers, toilets, taps, flush and door handles
  • Appliances for example, fridge freezers, ovens if need be and laundry machines
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Sanitisation of infected or affected personal effects

We plan our work around activities in the home and work both during the day and at night ensuring the safety and well-being of residents is at the forefront of all our activities and movements.

We do appreciate that the needs and requirements of different care settings are overly diverse and cannot all fit on this page. So feel free to contact us to discuss your cleaning needs.