Light Maintenance Services

We want to leave your property looking clean and neat. From experience,we have cleaned properties that had falling items, peeling paint and no matter how good the clean was;it did not feel complete.It lacked that wow factor,that is why we have introduced this category of service.

We will tighten your falling cupboards, replace your bathroom seals,seal your bathroom flooring, fix your leaking sinks and even paint your walls. We believe in total transformation.

Our job is to make properties look clean, presentable and beautiful and so we felt that cleaning alone cannot achieve this in all properties we work on. This service aims to improve the interior appearance of a house, shop or business through high quality finishing in order to increase the market value.

Under this category, we cover light jobs that might be troublesome to the common person with no handyman skills e. g

img50i) Painting and decorating
ii) General plumbing services
iii) Removal and replacement of bathroom seals
iv) Replacement of falling tiles
v) Changing or fixing loose handles, doors, lighting, locks, banisters, stair rails.
vi) Bulb change or replacement.
vii) Fixing squeaky doors.
viii)Wooden floor waxing or maintenance
ix) Removal of rubbish

The beauty of this is that you do not need to call us on a separate day for maintenance jobs, we do them alongside our cleaning service. Most of our staff members are able to do maintenance jobs therefore cutting down on waiting time.

For clients who only need our maintenance service, a skilled member of staff will be sent out to deal with the issues at short notice.

Who we work with:

– Home Owners
– Tenants
– Landlords
– Letting agents
– Housing Associations
– Commercial businesses