Carpet and Upholstery Professional Cleaning Service: Manchester and Bolton

Is your carpet a bit soiled? Does it look a bit dirty and in need of replacement? Are you suffering from allergies as a result of dust collected on the carpet?
At Optimal Cleaners, we pride in our specialized professional carpet cleaning service by restoring your carpet to as neat as possible and eliminating allergens and odours leaving you happy and satisfied with our service. Our professional carpet cleaning service covers Manchester, Bolton and the surroundings.
Majority of households in the UK have carpeted floors and it is a fact that we cannot change them every year.
They are an important part of our houses especially in winter when we need to retain more heat within our properties.

Properly cleaned and maintained carpets will last twice as long. They also improve the overall appearance and presentation of your house.

What happens to your carpet as time goes by?

It is a fact that we bring a lot of dirt into our houses from outside, dust, mud, tiny stones, human and animal body wastes.

We deposit these particles over our carpets once in our houses then over time, we grind them into the carpets by walking on them.

What these particles then do to the carpet fibres is:

  • Dull the sheen of the surface – very evident on high traffic areas.
  • Damage your carpet fibres through tear and wear forced by the grinding of particles of dirt into the fibres from continuous traffic.
Cleaning up a spilled glass of red wine on a carpet

Why deep clean your carpets?

  • To get rid of bad smells, stains and spots
  • To get rid of traffic lane dirt, bacteria and mites
  • To remove allergens which tend to settle in carpet fibre
  • To Remove dust and greasy residues which accumulate over time
  • Keep your carpets looking great longer and to avoid the need for a replacement

How often should your carpet be cleaned?

This will depend on a few factors:

  • Whether you have children or pets who are likely to mess them quicker
  • The areas surrounding your house tarmacked /untarmacked – dust settles if you live next to a busy road.

Although it is recommended that you have a professional carpet deep cleaning at least every year, you should clean it as soon as it becomes dull as leaving it to get filthy will make it harder to clean and cost you even more.

At Optimal cleaners we use the hot water spray and extraction method which is very reliable and far superior for both soiled and stained carpets.

This is the method recommended by most major carpet manufactures for the care and maintenance of synthetic carpets.

How this Carpet Cleaning Method Works

This method involves spraying a cleaning solution in hot water into the carpet fibres at high pressure then sucking it up back into the machine with the same high pressure removing all ground in dirt and stains.

We just don’t go in straight to spray and extract like most carpet cleaners, we take enough time to pre spray, extract and then rinse your carpet with plain water.

Some stains require pre-treatment with the right product for a clean finish.


Upholstery Professional Cleaning Service

Our upholstery professional cleaning service covers the deep cleaning of:

  • Sofas
  • Dining chairs
  • Arm chairs

The method and machines used are the same as for carpets

We appreciate that properties and furniture vary in size and therefore these quotes might not work for you. Do not sweat over it, just contact us or give us a call on any of our contact numbers above.

Why us?

  • Use of the hot water extraction method
  • Available at short notice
  • Top of the range machine for spraying and suction
  • Professional, well trained yet friendly staff
  • Fully insured operatives who are very careful around your home
  • Use of environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemicals
  • Use odourless and allergen free carpet cleaning products
  • Same day drying of carpets and upholstery
  • Very Affordable Rates and Discounts depending on number of rooms to be cleaned
Areas Covered include

Optimal Cleaners is Cleansmart trained & Certified