Professional Oven Cleaning Service: Manchester and Bolton

Optimal Cleaners is Professional Oven Cleaning Company with the uniqueness of using use non toxic, non caustic, environmentally friendly and odour free products. We offer our services to Manchester, Bolton and the surrounding regions.

Our Professional Oven Cleaning service is FREE when booked as part of a Full House Clean.

We all know that a greasy oven is unpleasant and can give an unexpected result when food is prepared in it wrecking an otherwise tasty meal! A dirty oven is not only a health hazard but also a fire hazard. This is where we come in to give you the best cleaning experience for a fresh, safe result.

Over the years, we have found out that this valued and so important home appliance has been neglected when it comes to cleaning. We must admit at the same time that it is not the easiest item to clean in your kitchen: the burnt on food, the darkened trays, greasy panels and unrecognisable racks can be a waste of time and energy if you do not have the right skills, products and tools for the job.

Thankfully, our commitment to the job has led us to three professional oven cleaning methods that leave your oven sparkling.

Why Optimal cleaners for your oven?

Let us turn your this


Into this


This is how we do it, when you book us for a house clean whether a light or deep clean, we clean your oven too and charge you by the hour and not separately. There is however a minimum requirement of 5 hours to qualify for the hourly charge because we need the time for those oven parts that need soaking.

This doesn’t mean we cannot clean your oven alone,of course we can and our prices begin from just £35 for a single oven and from £45 for a double oven.

We are one of the most experienced oven cleaners in Bolton. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality and reliable service. Our aim is to generate long lasting customers, who are happy to keep calling us whenever they have a job which requires our service.

We use non toxic, non caustic, environmentally friendly and odour free products.


We also specialise in cleaning cooker hobs and hoods and replacing the hood filter as well as cooker bulbs. We offer very competitive rates for a very professional cleaning service you will be pleased with.




P.S: If we are cleaning your house / property for more than 5 hours, we shall include charges for the oven in the hourly charges for the entire property and not as a separate entity.

Don’t we just love the oven – out of the pack, into a tray and into the oven.. easy and simple.
An appliance that gives us the most out of so little effort from our side.
But how do we treat it in return! Be honest.

99.9% of end of tenancy cleans that we do as Optimal Cleaners involve an oven clean and most of them are really bad. We give special attention to every little part of the oven which include:

– The panels
– The racks
– The trays
– The bulb
– The door glass
– Oven rubber seal
– The sticky knobs

We can all tell when the oven needs a clean.

The first very common sign is excessive smoking caused by too much oily deposits mainly on the back panel. Unless you want to eat smoked food of course.

Secondly, when the racks start to show colour – goldish brown should not and is not the colour of racks! They need a clean! at this stage they are very easy to clean

Thirdly, are the trays. As you know all the fat from your food settles at the bottom of these trays and if left unattended can turn mouldy so don’t leave it too long. Burnt on food too will take a toll on them and leave a layer of hardened black mass

At Optimal cleaners we will clean and bring the shine and sparkle back to your oven.

Give us a call and we assure you, you will love our job!

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