Road and Street Sign Cleaning

Road and Street Sign Professional Cleaning Service

We at Optimal Cleaners offer a professional  road and street sign cleaning service to restore road signs to their clear and legible presentable state, to the Manchester and Bolton roads and streets. Road sign cleaning is an often neglected yet very essential service. Signs get dirty with time due to road traffic pollution and changes in seasons and therefore will require cleaning now and again.

Signs are there for a reason and so if it is there then it needs to be visible and legible otherwise it fails to serve its purpose.

It is becoming a common thing to see signs that are completely illegible on our roads, and by roads I mean all types including motorways.

What picture does this paint of the people who travel these routes every morning and evening? Do they never see this?

What does this say about our councils and our highway agencies? who’s failing who?

We believe that clear road signs help us to use the roads correctly and should:

  • Give directions
  • Help keep traffic moving
  • Keep our roads safe

We feel that a lot of councils may have overlooked this part of road signage and road safety as a whole or may just be struggling to get professional cleaners for the job, so as a result, we have come up with a road sign cleaning strategy.


Our service aims to deliver quality performance in every sector with the least disruption of daily activities and as a result we carry out cleaning of signs both in the day and at night depending on:

  • Type of road
  • Whether a road has road barriers or not.
  • Season.

This is aimed at keeping the disruption of traffic at a minimum and keeping our members of staff safe.

In addition to road sign cleaning we also clean;

  • Street signs
  • Shop signs
  • Billboard adverts
  • General information signs


As signs differ in size, material and height we are not able to give a general quote hence we encourage our customers to contact us with details of the job they have at hand.