I was contemplating fitting another carpet as my old one didn’t look too good but the money was tight. I called in Optimal Cleaners to clean the carpet which seemed to have seen better days. Needless to say I will not need to buy another carpet for quite a while now – it was just a clean it needed as the fabric is still quite okay. I would certainly recommend Optimal Cleaners any time.

Michael O'Brien



I was struggling to clean my oven which had accumulated what looked like permanent blackish stuff without success.  A friend recommended Optimal Cleaners who had done a job for her previously and wow, I was impressed by the transformation of my oven! What a sparkling finish!

Sophy Turner



My house needed a proper overhaul clean and so I got hold of Optimal Cleaners.  3 Cleaners turned up and were very friendly and reassuring.  The job was done to absolute satisfaction. I would not hesitate to seek their services again if in need of a deep clean.

Baraka Tele